Department of Civil Security

The Department of Civil Security is responsible for the coordination of the rescue services at ministerial level. It works closely together with the Grand-Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps “CGDIS”, created by the amended law of 27 March 2018 on the organisation of civil security. The CGDIS is in charge of the organisation and the operational and territorial management of the rescue services at national level, under the supervision of the Minister responsible for Civil Security, currently the Minister for Home Affairs.

The Department of Civil Security is responsible for :

  • the elaboration of the national plan for the organisation of rescue services (PNOS);
  • issuing ministerial approvals to rescue training organisations and rescue associations and organisations involved in civil protection;
  • adopting the programs and content of training curricula in civil security matters, which are obligatory for the agents of the CGDIS as well as training organisations;
  • chairing and coordinating the national platform for disaster risk reduction;
  • international relations in civil security matters, including negotiations on EU-level leading to European regulations and directives, drafting and signing bilateral agreements, and maintaining regular contacts with neighbouring and European countries to improve and promote cross-border relations regarding rescue missions.

Based on the aforementioned law of March 27, 2018, the Minister responsible for Civil Security is also in charge of the deployment of the specialised intervention group (GIS) of the CGDIS in charge of humanitarian missions (Humanitarian Intervention Team), and thus, after consulting the Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs, issues the order for their interventions.


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